In Home Treatment

Home Units are available for clients who desire to implement training from a remote location.

Should clients not be able to be trained in the Charlotte area, a home unit training program is available. With the home unit program, the client comes to Charlotte for an initial consult and qEEG (brain mapping) to determine specific areas of dysfunction.

Based on the findings, an individualized neurotherapy training protocol is designed and initiated. In order to see the optimum benefit of training, most clients will need between forty to sixty hour-long training sessions. Home unit programs can be more cost-effective, allow greater flexibility of time and for most types of clients this approach is as clinically effective.

Depending on the severity of the illness, the training is set up to accommodate the clients finite level of energy to engage in the learning process. Some clients stay in NC for a couple of days, while others prefer to stay for four days. The clients have found the training process to be easily understood and not overly taxing. The home unit program includes:
  • A one-hour initial consultation by Dr. Preston
  • 1 qEEG (brain mapping) and a one-hour verbal interpretation by Dr. Preston.
  • 1 hour of establishing a neurotherapy baseline specific to the client.
  • 2-3 hours of training in the preparation of electrodes in the use of the neurotherapy instrumentation.
  • Clinical oversight will be carried out via the internet by Siber Imaging.
If you are a healthcare worker and think the home unit program may be appropriate for one of your clients, or if you think you or a family member are interested in neurotherapy, but are not located near Charlotte, NC please call us directly at 704-543-0427. You Can Also Email Us!